International Marmara Underwater Photo & Video Festival

01-04-14 - 08-06-14

International Marmara Underwater Photo & Video Festival, which shows us a visual spectacle by bringing underwater world to surface, will celebrate its 14th year! 

Since 1993, "The Marmara International Underwater Photo & Video Festival” is organized by "Türk Bal?kadamlar Spor Kulübü” (1954) which is the first and one of the major underwater sports club in Turkey.

This year, as were previous years, the festival has been dedicated to the memory of Mr.Haluk Cecan, an internationally renowned underwater photographer and documentary film maker who passed away in 2007.

“The Marmara International Underwater Images Festival” is a member of the European Underwater Images Festivals Association, an organization that hosts many important events in underwater arena and is considered to be the authority in the field.

World’s leading photo and video experts will be hosted during the Festival as previous organizations. A social responsibility Project  will also be presented during the highly anticipated Festival which becomes traditional during the past years.

The festival consists of two separate competitions : 

o   International Contest: Previously shot and taken underwater photographs and videos from all over the world, no restrictions for region and date, will celebrate its 14th year.
o   Living Marmara Contest: Evaluation of photographs and films taken and shot underwater around Prince’s Islands in the Marmara Sea during the contest, will celebrate its 21st year.

The Marmara Festival 2014, within the scope of Social Responsibility Project, aims to offer a training opportunity to a group of children and also plans to  raise their awareness on the importance of seas and preserving the marine life . Through this project, a nursery school will select a group of children who doesn’t know how to swim in order for them to receive  swimming courses . Main focus will be to teach how to swim as well as to introduce  them to sea and marine life.  Furthermore, they will be a part of a social group by involving in various fun activities.

Participants such as club members, trainers and swimmers in particular, from national and international figures of diving and imaging world to promising divers, will give their voluntary supports to the festival as jury members, competitors and/or organizers.

The festival will be announced through national and international newspapers, magazines, TVs and Internet.

News and events regarding the festival can be found in the links below;

Twitter: @MarmaraFestival
Facebook: Marmara Festival–Underwater Photo & Video Contest




• Highlighting the beauty and value of underwater life to contribute to Turkish tourism...

• Providing a meeting point with a common goal for the participants from various professional groups both in Turkey and around the world…

• Improving public awareness and drawing attention to the marine life that is under threat due to heavy pollution in  seas.

• Instilling love of sea by showing them the fascinating and amazing diverse underwater life in our seas

• Organizing Social Responsibility projects for children throughout the festival in pursuit of creating awareness at early ages. 

• Drawing worldwide attention with participants from all around the world. Thus making room for Turkey in the global agenda through local and foreign media and making our voice heard beyond the borders.

FESTIVAL PARTICIPANTS…National and foreign; architects, IT specialists, ,physicians, telecommunications experts, advertising people, renowned photographers and film-makers, business managers, engineers, people from automotive , industrial sectors and outdoor sports, academicians and many others…  And…Where do this endless community meets:  UNDERWATER!

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